Wednesday, June 8, 2011


This is kinda long, so sit back, prop up your feet, and crack open a coke! Ron's birthday celebration got the month going ...

My birthday came along a few weeks later. It was a horrible age to enter but my family spoiled me excessively and make it a most memorable and happy event!

Chad started it off by taking me out to a pre-birthday lunch

The kids gave me a ROYAL Birthday party, much to my surprise! I was Queen for a day!! They had a very elegant dinner party and all quests bowed before the King and Queen.

I tried many times to flip the next 2 pictures. They are correct in my picture file, but come out sideways every time on here. Turn your head to the side to see our place cards.

I received this super great book. My kids each wrote 60 things they loved about me. I was amazed that they all could come up with so many things. I can't imagine why they chose the number 60 though!

The night was filled with food, dancing, wonderful people that I love and then topped off by this gift from Ron. (ignore the old looking hand)

In other May moments... Melissa's family came for a visit. We loved having them and miss them so much already.

Mackayla graduated from pre-school!

Heather chaperoned the Davis prom. Doesn't she look beautiful!!

Dad went salmon fishing with a guide and had so much fun, he came home and dug out his boat and took Chad fishing on his own (without the guide).

As a matter of fact -- it was so fun, he just bought a fishing boat!

Jackson graduated from kindergarten

We invaded Scott and April's vacation to Seaside. Thank you Sharon and Heather for staying with Grandma so we could get away!

Off we go!!

I'm a pepper...

wouldn't you like to be a pepper too?

At the beach

We found some restaurants that were named for us!

We have been flying high... and now on to Jaden's kindergarten graduation, Heather's tonsils coming out, Derek's family visiting, Melissa's family returning and Chad staying injury free!

(I warned you that this was long!)


Jared and Melissa said...

Wow, you have had a fun month! I LOVE that picture of you on the swing! I might have to blow it up and frame it! I've never seen you be so wild... your feet weren't even touching the ground!

Dad standing by the old crab place was pretty funny. :)

I wish the post would have been longer. It was over too fast.

Julie said...

This was a fun post to read, even if it was loong (just kidding, I was expecting more & I did have my Coke iced up & ready for the long haul)!
Did you make Uncle Ron's B-day cake? That was pretty impressive as were the fish he & Chad caught!
I thought the restraunt pictures were pretty funny too :)
& I liked your heart in the sand, so sweet. Love you guys!

Danielle and Derek said...

What an awesome May! I'm so glad you got such a fancy birthday party. We're getting excited for our big trip out there!

Heather said...

What a fun Month. Julie, my mom did make the cake!

April said...

It wasn't near long enough! You guys really did have a big month! Your swinging picture really is awesome, I hear that 60 is the new 30!